Accommodation Hangers, The Perfect Housekeeping Sign

over the door hooks

Personal belongings of a person are numerous enough, some are of daily use, some occasional, while a chunk is only used for some special festivities. The clothing, accessories, foot wear, seasonal clothing, and other essentialities can create a huge mess if not properly manage. Wardrobe arranged in a closet or cupboard is a very conventional way of organization but they are small details in these cubical and cabinets which make it spacious to make room of everything.  One of the most common accessory found in the cupboard are the accommodation hangers which are used for multi-purposes. This can be referred as security hanger which keeps the clothing and other important wears protective, ironed, and free of any obstacle in the heavily stuffed cupboard. In addition to it, the over the door hooks are another great and valuable introduction in classic as well as modernized closets for cloths and other personal wears. Not only the closets, these hooks are also found in bathrooms and changing rooms which is a great site to hang and place things temporarily like towels in bathing area.

Accommodation hangers

When the clothes are expensive or are required to fit in as business attire, they need to be protected in safest and secured manner. This can be achieved by using accommodation hangers which offer perfectly horizontal platform for temporary as well as permanent placement of suits, overcoats, sari, bridal and groom outfits. The biggest advantage of using these hangers is that one can easily avoid the presence of wrinkles on ironed clothes.

Accommodation hangers are also a perfect symbol of ideal housekeeping at hotels and resorts which is managed by waiters and staff. The clothes can easily fit in the heavily filled closet with no hindrance if they are placed on hanger. These hangers are nearly the oldest addition which have always made closet spacious and useful than before.

Over the door hooks

Unlike the hangers, over the door hooks are the permanent structural additions included in the complete design of the cupboard assembly. These are not as big as rails or hanger but are equally useful to keep coat, shirts, pajama, towel, scarfs, etc. hang on for long time. These knobs are not only found inside or outside of closet but are also located in kitchens and bathrooms.

Over the door hooks can be employed for many things like for purses, bag packs, robes, scarves, umbrellas, flashlights, kitchen cloth, bathroom towel, etc. It is considered quite an effective little structural position as it allows easy and convenient access to people. These spots are often referred as short-term storage of personal items.


Accommodation hangers are best for storing, hanging, and placing personal belongings and clothing accessories to avoid any wrinkles on it. On the other hand, the over the door hooks are the hanging spots which are found on the upper portion of the door used to display and place items for use.