Tips For Backpacking Through Asia

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Every individual at one point in their life gets hit by the travel bug, for some this may be straight after high school or college or it could even be before you hit 40 where you get the sudden urge to explore the exotic corners of the world before you hit the big four o. However, no matter your age or the reasons for doing so one needs to keep in mind that traveling the world is not an easy or cheap task. Therefore many individuals prefer to backpack through Europe or Asia when they get hit by the travel bug as this is a more economically friendly option. But if you are still unsure about how to successfully proceed with your travels in Asia then read the following article as it would contain several tips which would attempt to assist you with your travels and travel making plans.


It is not advisable for one to stay in exotic resorts or a luxury hotel because this would easily add up the cost of the trip instead one can search for a budget-friendly hostel in Bangkok city centre. This is a great option because apart from being easy on your wallet opting for such lodging would enable one to meet other individuals who are embarking on a similar quest as you. Thus, it would be a great opportunity for one to make friends with other travelers and to exchange tips and stories regarding your travels. You can view more information here

Plan Around The Weather
When planning your next adventure one should always make sure to place the weather into their equation because if the weather is friendly one can even opt to camp out instead of shelling out money for some luxury hostel.

Use Public Transport

When you need to travel around within a particular Asian country make sure to opt for public transport because public transport in Asia is considerably cheap when compared to the cost of public transport in the west. Furthermore, it would also offer the travelers the opportunity to interact with the locals and to get a feel of what life would be like for the natives. Moreover, public transport is pretty straightforward therefore if you possess a map and guide you would easily be able to find your way.

Try Street Food

Every individual whether they are traveling on a budget or not should opt for street food this is because apart from being one of the cheapest options it is also the tastiest and it is also easily accessible because they are freely available on the side of every road.

Backpacking through Asia is an adventure that every individual should embark on at one point in their life, therefore, make sure to follow the aforementioned guide to truly enjoy this experience.