The Features You Must Have In An Off – The Plan Apartment

August 24, 2018 Armida Pisano 0

Do not ever go by the amazingly printed beautiful pictures in the glossy brochures of the construction groups. Those presentations which they show might be very tempting but there are some specific features and questions to ask before giving credibility to them. If you are indeed planning to commit to an off the plan apartment purchase, there are some things you need to have in an apartment and some, which you actually don’t need. Let us have a look at those.

Size of the apartment

In the earlier times, the ideal apartments off the plan were primarily bought by investors who did not necessarily reside there. They looked for larger sized apartments which would be rented out forever to potential tenants. If you are buying the apartment to directly reside there, you need to look for size as the main priority. Also, you must look for higher end fittings and fixtures in the apartments. You need to have a look through the proposed sizes and the detailed floor plan. Also, you need to know the specific dimensions of certain rooms and units of the apartment you are about to buy.Also, keep in mind that the ceiling height is a vital factor which many buyers tend to overlook. In order to create more apartments, the height is reduced most of the time. But remember, the higher the ceiling, the better it is.Also, do check out the shapes of the rooms whether they are furniture friendly. There must be enough space to move around the room and the hall, even when all the furnitures are placed.

Outdoor spacing

Outdoor spacing is also not given priority by many builders, but for some buyers, this is essential. There must be enough space in the balconies for friends and families to sit together and enjoy the view and the weather. Some architects also give preference to the landscaping of the construction site to give it an appealing look. In a nutshell, the apartments with a good outlook on the surroundings fetch higher prices.

Spaces for parking

A crucial aspect of property management Sydney is the designing of in – building car space which is a trend nowadays in order to curb the lack of space for at least one car in high transport corridors. The building must be configured to provide at least one parking space to each apartment owner. There is no point in having a great apartment, but no space for the vehicles, as it can cause long term inconvenience for the residents.Other important factors to look for are the storage facilities and community facilities. Make sure to delineate all services beforehand before opting to purchase one.