Compensating For Going Green

November 29, 2017 Armida Pisano 0

Going green is a lifestyle that takes a lot of dedication and time. In this day and age, it is easy to succumb to that take out because you are too tired to cook on Friday. However, that take out you ordered will come in cartons made of Styrofoam that will harm our planet. Thus, going green is no easy task. Plus, the ones who truly do it because of their commitment to the planet, go the whole hog and avoid eating animal based products as well because the production of meat and other animal products use up a lot of energy, which also harms the environment. The downside of this is that some of the nutrients that we absorb from these products do not enter their bodies. Thus they need to compensate in other ways:

All Food GroupsThere’s a reason why we learn about the food pyramid when we are very young. All major food groups are extremely important but vegetarians will not be able to eat meat, so many opt for natural vegan protein powder instead. Not only is it a safe vegetarian option, it is also not an animal based product. This means that they can keep to their principles and still be completely healthy at the same time.

All Products and MerchGoing green isn’t just about substituting plant based protein powder for meat or eggs; it’s also about being conscious of other products that harm the environment. Today, there are plenty of merchandisers and companies (some independent, some not) who subscribe to fair trade and earth protection agreements, which make sure that tradesmen only deal with manufacturers and producers who source their material in responsible ways that do not harm the environment. This means no leather shoes, and definitely no exotic kinds of paper made of rare bamboo pulp etc. A few years ago, harming nature was seen as the cost of development, but countries like Singapore have proved that theory wrong. Nature can be protected as we develop the world.

Energy SourcesOne of the biggest problems with going green is that solar and wind energy – the two sources that are the most commonly used – are not easy to produce nor capture. Since petroleum and diesel are the default, all the wiring, the turbines and other means of energy production are geared towards turning fossil fuels into energy. This means that for those who want to switch to solar and wind energy, it’s extra work trying to re-wire the circuits in their house. Over time, the extra effort spent on it will even out since the costs are much less. For more information, please click here.vegan_protein_title